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Monday, January 01, 2018

Color your world with Parle Gems

by Bonaci Fine Jewelers
Color your world with Parle Gems ParleBanner-45
Idaho Opal & Gem Corp. has come a long way since May 1973, when it was started by a couple of college students mining opal at the Lost Dear Hunt claim in Spencer, Idaho. The growth started when people said they loved the loose stones, but would find it easier to sell the gems if they were mounted in jewelry. IOGC listened to those customers and began to sell opal in very simple jewelry settings.

As the business grew, it began to seek out sources to meet the demand for quality opal jewelry; first looking to Australia to purchase opal rough, and later finding sources for cut Australian opal and opal rough from gem centers in Asia.

They have continued to grown and now create high qualit...

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Friday, September 01, 2017

Frederic Sage

by Bonaci Fine Jewelers
Frederic Sage Frederic-Sage-Banner-21
Frederic Sage did not start out designing elegant and award winning jewelry. He first earned a degree in science. Once he felt jewelry design begin to call, he returned to school and earned a degree in Art History and Textile Design. He quickly became known for his precise and sophisticated designs, along with his uncanny eye for color.

Frederic Sage offers a wide variety of bridal rings that will complement almost any bride's taste. The halo collection exhibits a traditional and almost heavenly elegance, with a circle of diamonds surrounding a large central diamond. For those looking for a more modern sophistication, look no further than the Unique collection, which combines the timeless elegance of superio...

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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Golden Zircon: Capture The Sunlight

by Bonaci Fine Jewelers
Don't be confused: zircons aren't cubic zirconia.

Golden Zircon: Capture The Sunlight Zircon-38
Cubic zirconia are synthetic diamonds, created in a laboratory. Zircons are the world's oldest mineral. Years ago, they were used as a substitute for diamonds because they have similar refractive and dispersion qualities. But they're beautiful stones on their own, and they can be turned into stunning custom jewelry.

Because of the way zircons were formed, they have two properties that make them interesting as gemstones. First, their color can seem to change depending on the way light strikes them -- jewelers call that pleochroism -- and they can split light so that it travels in two slightly different directions, which can affect the way the finished sto...

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