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Opal's Rich History

Opals Rich History
Thousands of years ago, Pliny the Elder, an Ancient Roman historian, described opals as “made up of the glories of the most precious gems...the gentler fire of the ruby...the rich purple of the amethyst and the sea-green of the emerald.” This description is due to what jewelers now refer to as opal's play of color, in which combinations of colors, such as red and black, red and green, white and blue, or green and blue, flash from the precious gem. Along with Pliny, many other notable figures loved opal's unique and stunning beauty.

Opals Rich History
Legend states that Cleopatra loved her opals and even kept a room decorated from wall to wall with opals. She was never without opal jewelry. Supposedly she was wearing an entire set of opal, an opal necklace, opal rings, and opal earrings, the night she seduced Mark Antony. Some say that it is because of these mesmerizing gems that Mark Antony fell for her.

The British Royal family also loved their opal jewelry. Both Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II often wore opal necklaces. And both were known to give opal jewelry as gifts, both to family and favorite royal subjects.

Of course, opal jewelry is no longer restricted to rulers and royalty. Now opal is October's birthstone, which means opal jewelry is the perfect gift for any loved one born in October. Drop by our store any time this month and someone from our staff can find the opal jewelry that is just right for you or for that special someone.

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