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Frederic Sage

Frederic Sage Frederic-Sage-Banner-21

Frederic Sage did not start out designing elegant and award winning jewelry. He first earned a degree in science. Once he felt jewelry design begin to call, he returned to school and earned a degree in Art History and Textile Design. He quickly became known for his precise and sophisticated designs, along with his uncanny eye for color.

Frederic Sage offers a wide variety of bridal rings that will complement almost any bride's taste. The halo collection exhibits a traditional and almost heavenly elegance, with a circle of diamonds surrounding a large central diamond. For those looking for a more modern sophistication, look no further than the Unique collection, which combines the timeless elegance of superior diamonds with a ring shaped into innovative and precise twists and turns. And Frederic Sage's trademark eye for color means that you do not need to settle for a monochromatic ring. Several of the designs are available using white gold, yellow gold, and pink gold.

Along with bridal rings, Frederic Sage also offers jewelry that can enhance your style in your everyday life. The Roma collection expresses classic style with a slight whimsical touch. Cushion aquamarine surrounded by diamonds create exquisite blue earrings, rings, and pendants, and cushion Morganite surrounded by diamonds creates the same exquisite look in pink. The Venus collection uses a combination of high polished gold and abalone to create earrings and pendants with a light, transparent look that's versatile enough to be worn out on a casual night with friends or a professional event. And the Luna collection uses black and white Mother of Pearl and curved lines of diamonds to create a unique look that will ensure you are remembered.

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