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Topaz: The Perfect Birthstone for November

Topaz: The Perfect Birthstone for November
Strolling along tree-lined paths and watching the leaves in their different color and shapes this last month of fall, one is reminded of topaz. Topaz, like the leaves of fall, comes in many variations. Pure topaz is transparent and has no color. Its impurities are what give topaz its distinctive colors.

Topaz: The Perfect Birthstone for November
Orange topaz, or precious topaz, is the traditional color for the November birthstone, and the official state gemstone of Utah.
Imperial topaz can range from a bright yellow to a rich golden or brown. Brown imperial topaz can be treated so it appears more yellow or violet. Imperial topaz can also be found as orange-pink or pink. Pink is the rarest find.

Topaz: The Perfect Birthstone for November
Mystic Topaz is created using pure topaz. A thin layer of titanium is placed at the bottom of the stone. This layer causes the stone to shine in a rainbow of iridescent colors, ranging from clean blues and greens, to warm yellows.

Just like the colorful variety of the falling leaves, topaz’s beauty comes from its variety. Whether pure, orange, imperial, or mystic, topaz can fit anyone’s tastes. Stop in our store and let one of our knowledgeable staff help you find the specific topaz pendant or ring that’s just right for you.

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