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The Magic of Alexandrite

The Magic of Alexandrite
Alexandrite is a rare and precious gem which changes color when viewed in natural and artificial light. It appears green in the daylight and red in incandescent light. Variations of the gem can appear anywhere from yellow to pink during the day and a richer red during the night. These color changes result from a change that occurs rarely within alexandrite's larger mineral group, chrysoberyl, in which aluminum is replaced by chromium ions in alexandrite's structure; this replacement absorbs light wavelengths within the yellow spectrum, making the gem appear to change color in different light sources.

The Magic of Alexandrite
Alexandrite was first discovered in 1830, in the Ural Mountains of Russia. Legend has it that the gem was discovered on the czar, Alexander II's birthday, and this is why alexandrite was given its name. Its color change, from green to red, were also the colors of the Russian flag at the time. The Ural Mountains were quickly depleted of the gem; Russian royalty wore gifts of all kinds of alexandrite jewelry, from alexandrite necklaces to alexandrite rings, to alexandrite earrings. Most alexandrite now comes from Sri Lanka, Brazil, and East Africa.

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