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Silver - A Noble Metal

Silver - A Noble Metal
Silver is one of the oldest known metals. It is a noble metal, meaning that it is highly resistant to the forces of nature which might degrade it, such as oxidation. Silver is used in all sorts of applications, including currency, mirrors, and even electrical circuits. One of its oldest uses is in jewelry. For most of these applications, pure silver is too soft to use, so it is mixed with an alloy. The most common mixture, sterling silver which is 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent alloy, is used for jewelry.

Silver - A Noble Metal
At Bonaci Fine Jewelers of Kent, Washington, we carry a large of amount of sterling silver jewelry from a number of designers. Stop in today and take a look around.

Keep in mind that this is only a fraction of what we carry; we welcome you to come into our store to see more options.

Silver - A Noble Metal
Even though sterling silver is almost completely made from a noble metal and therefore resistant to wear and tear, your sterling silver piece still needs to be cared for. One good thing is that wearing your sterling silver jewelry helps prevent tarnish because the oils on your skin protect it. However, you should take off any sterling silver rings or bracelets when performing manual labor because there is chance the pieces can scratch. You should store your pieces separately from each other and include anti-tarnish strips. If your sterling silver jewelry scratches, you can polish it using a proper cloth and cleanser. In the rare case that the scratch cannot be polished out, you may need to bring it to our experts to restore it.

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