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Our Blog

Artinian Gems

Last month we had the exciting honor of introducing David Artinian of Artinian Gems to our customers. David is a second generation gem dealer and is known in the jewelry industry as the Indiana Jones of the gem business. He travels into the world’s most remote places looking for beautiful colored gemstones to bring back and present to our clients.

At our event David exhibited his most current collection of loose gems. Not only did our clients get to see and touch these most exquisite stones, but they also got to hear the fascinating stories of David’s travels. He explained how he is able to locate, identify and then cut these gems to enhance their beauty. It was a thrilling evening that our clients will always remember. To learn more about David’s business, please visit his website at www.artiniangems.com.

Besides hearing about the conscious way these stones were acquired out of Mother Earth, our clients were invited to select gemstones for themselves. Then, with the assistance of one of our jewelry experts, we designed beautiful pieces of jewelry that will always be treasured for their rarity and uniqueness.

Today these pieces of jewelry are in the process of being cast and set. As they are completed we will bring them to you in this blog.

The next time that David is planning a trip back to Bonaci Jewelers, you are invited to join us! He will share his latest rare collection of gemstones as well as tout his treasure hunting stories. You will again have the special opportunity to create a new treasure of your own!

Artinian Gems Opals-41

AT: 11/10/2015 02:15:55 PM   LINK TO THIS ENTRY

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