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Jasper is March's Birthstone

Jasper, March's birthstone, occurs in mainly in three colors: red, yellow, and brown. Red is most common. Blue has been known to occur also, but it is extremely rare. Impurities like clay and iron, which are in the soil when jasper forms, create stunning markings in the jasper stone. These markings resemble marbling, orbits, and streaks.

For more than three thousand years, jasper has been used all over the world for various reasons. In classical Greece and Ancient Rome, this striking stone was used to create official government seals, as well as vases and other household decorative items. In the East, jasper was a part of feng shui. Yellow jasper rings were worn to soothe an anxious mind and green jasper pendants and jasper necklaces were worn to increase the wearer's good fortune.

Today, jasper is March's birthstone and therefore jasper jewelry is the usual gift for anyone born this month. But jasper's striking beauty should not be limited only to those few. Jasper is the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Come into our store and see why jasper has been treasured for so long across the oceans.

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